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    About Us

    Founded in 2005, Testhouse Nordic is the leading supplier of test and measurement products and solutions in the Nordic countries. We partner with world's most renowned suppliers. Through our expertise and strong relationships with our suppliers, we offer products and services that regularly exceed our customers’ expectations.


  • Test & Measurement Experts

    We have a diverse background and experience in the Test and Measurement field since 2005. We are Keysight portfolio distributors and have strong supplier networks with the world’s leading suppliers, such as Pendulum Instruments, Safran, Bird, ITech , AR and others.

    Solutions Expertise

    Testhouse dataTec, known to act as an extension of our supply partners, takes a consultative selling approach to ensure our customers find the perfect solution to meet their business needs, backed by unmatched pre-and post-sales support.

    Extensive Support

    Our distribution network spans across Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway and Denmark. Testhouse Nordic staff is located to ensure optimum response times, and thanks to a close co-operation with our suppliers, we can guarantee fast and accurate support.


  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to be the leading distributor and solutions provider for Test and Measurement products in the Nordic marketplace.

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    What sets us apart from others?


    We focus on building long-term customer relationships

    We understand the industry trends and evolving needs of our clients, allowing us to offer ongoing support, product updates, and advice as technology advances.


    We advise customers through our technical expertise

    Through our decades of technical experience, we assess the unique needs of our customers and recommend solutions that precisely meet their specifications.


    We ensure quality products and after-sales support

    We prioritize quality assurance and customer satisfaction over volume sales, ensuring that customers receive reliable and durable equipment. Our loyal client base is a testament to our values.

  • Testhouse partners with German dataTec

    In 2021, Testhouse Nordic was aquired by German dataTec - a leading specialist distributor of test and measurement technology, expanding across Europe.


    What does this mean for our partners and customers? See below.